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Yoga for Runners

Yoga for Runners

I do not want to emphasize the importance of yoga, however as a runner I realize the vital importance of this practice to prevent injuries, work the mind and body thanks to the asanas, breathing and meditation. Some of the most relevant aspects to train as long distance runners.

We can say that in a marathon after a certain kilometer you are not running just with your legs, you need to run also with your mind.  That’s why, the combination between practice yoga and run is the best. It helps you calm your mind, turn away negative thoughts such as “I can run any kilometer more” and give orders to your body to feel calm and stable.

If we talk about the physical part, it will make you feel stronger, it tones your muscles, develop flexibility which prevents the risk of common injuries in runners such as twins, adductors, knees, feet and lower back.

During my trip in California last June I did some yoga positions that I truly recommend for runners especially before and after each race or long train.

Yoga Postures for Runners:

These are some of my favorite positions that I practice after running, most of them can be practiced by anyone at any time… And guess what? They are incredible positions to strengthen the body and reduce muscle pain, I can tell you from experience.

I used to be one of those people who rarely do a very good stretch before and after a race or a heavy training and these exercises have helped me a lot! But beware, with this I do not say that they should not stretch, on the contrary, after training especially the stretching is very necessary. However, as I know that many do not have much time left and something similar happens to me. I leave these yoga postures that if you practice them at least 4 times a week, you will realize all the benefits they bring, especially that of saving all those pains of the day after a great fund and toning our body.